Reading Confessions

I find it cathartic to confess things every so often. To be honest . . . I kinda like my quirks . . . even if I'm a little embarrassed.

Let me start off here . . .

Forgive me normal people, for I have been weird.



I often--and I mean OFTEN--read out loud to myself in the voice of the character I identify with. This usually leads to me speaking to myself in undertones using a British, southern, Irish, or Australian accent. They're the only ones I know how to do. For example, I just finished reading Daughters of the Witching Hill  by Mary Sharratt. Even though the story takes place in England, I'd just finished watching "Far and Away" and I read both prose and dialogue out loud to myself . . . in an Irish accent.


I skip over prose to get back to the dialogue when reading. Especially if I know a good make out scene is coming up. And sometimes . . . I read it twice. Maybe three times.


I buy hardcovers whenever I can. It doesn't matter if the paperback is cheaper. The hardcover will look better, and last longer.


I dog-ear my corners . . . and I break the spines. I like to show that my books have been loved, not just preserved.


Listening to books on tape ≠ reading a book. This isn't really a quirk of my own, it's just a deeply held belief. So, this confession is really just a pet peeve. I guess I can be forgiven for those kinds of things. Right?


When looking at new books to buy at Barnes and Noble, I pick up the book, flip to a random page in the middle, and start reading. If my interest is piqued enough, it's going on my bookshelf. I know it's the middle, and I don't know what's going on, but in truth, I do the same with TV shows. Most of my favorite TV shows . . . I started watching somewhere in the middle.


I'd rather buy a book than go to the library. Don't get me wrong, I think libraries and librarians are AMAZING, but somewhere deep inside me is a little princess named Belle. One day, she wants to open up her eyes and have her very own waterfall/mountain/cavernous library of books. A girl's gotta start somewhere.


This is related to seven--I rarely re-read a book. Every once in a while I do, but not often. However, that being said. I refuse . . . hear me? REFUSE to throw a book away or get rid of it. The last time I moved (when I purchased my home) I had boxes and boxes of books. My mom asked me, "Jernae, why don't you just toss these or take them to the DI? (Deseret Industries for you non-Utahns)" I felt my chest freeze. My mouth drop. "You don't TOSS books! You don't donate them!" Like I said . . . a girl's gotta start somewhere. Even if she's a little nuts.


With my own writing, I will usually find myself captivated in the story, instead of editing like I'm supposed to.

What about you? Any odd reading quirks or confessions?