I think sometimes we authors start to sound like broken records. At least . . . us Indie Authors. First, I have to thank everyone who's read and loved Afterimage and Encender SOOOOOOOO much! Like seriously. Second, I have to thank all of you who've read it and left a glowing review on Goodreads or Amazon. These mean the world to us Authors because it's kind of the way that we're ensured to get other people to purchase our books. 

Can I ask you a small favor? 

If you've loved the books and either haven't left a review, or have only left a review on one site like Goodreads or Amazon, can you please leave one/another on multiple sites? You can be a HUGE part of the success of these books and I would owe you a million dollars . . . or at the very least . . . a huge hug and a wish upon a star specific for you!

Once again, you readers/reviewers/bloggers are the wind beneath our wings. Without you, we can't do what we do!