Happy New Year!

Every year I start off with every intention of reading more than the year before, attempting more cons, selling more books, writing more words, and by about March I realize that most of my intentions--though admirable--aren't going to happen. While I could use this knowledge to berate myself ("Seriously, girl? You can't fit more than twenty books into 365 days of reading?"), I realize that . . . it's okay. I've experienced A LOT this year. I've spoken with so many people, learned enough to study for the next three years (that may be a little sarcastic), and invested time with family and friends that can't ever be forgotten. 

Whether you stick to your resolutions or not. Don't forget to simply live! Don't beat yourself up for your failures, and remember that those failures are just there to inspire you to try harder:) We're resilient, you and I. Nothing can keep us down for long.