New Book Coming!

I love supernatural themes. I don't know why. Sometimes I feel like I have a tiny little gothic person living inside me who paints her nails black, wears black lipstick, only listens to emo punk and alt rock. Whatever the stereotypical reasoning may be, I've been fascinated by witches since I was in preschool. 

Just as my mom.

I think she reused the same witch costume for me for at least six different years while I was growing up. Then, of course, I learned that I had an ancestor who was accused of witchcraft in Salem and hung for it--I still struggle to watch The Crucible because of that B!$(& of a Winona Rider and those nasty girls because of what they did to my ancestor--and now I have two completely different fascinations with this world. A) the magic-supernatural-fantasy side that I've had ever since I was a kid, and B) a bleeding heart descendant of a victim of the witch hunts in America. 

So, what do I do?

I write a book about a line of witches who have a history of persecution through England and America and . . . are actually witches. #IDon'tKnowIfMyGrandmotherWouldAppreciateThat

Either way, it means you're getting a new book! 



Coming this fall is a NA story about a hexen named Taran Grim, an annoyingly chauvinistic shapeshifter hexen named Collens Donovan, and an ancestry line that would make anyone jealous.

Be on the watch for the cover reveal and synopsis this summer!!!!!